For over a year we have been working within many prisons throughout the UK both in the male and female estate. With our therapies such as yoga, meditation, breath work and mindfulness we have had some very promising results and positive behavioural changes.

I’ve been able to let go of the anger of being a victim of sexual abuse and my mum not believing me. Not being able to protect my sister and brothers from the same abuse that used to make me feel scared, confused, angry, resentful. 

HP, HMP Resident (female estate).

For most of 2017 we worked with one particular group of vulnerable residents within a female prison, all of whom had endured trauma on some level. Most victims of abuse from a young age, often without adequate care from a care giver and often without family and no one to turn.

One resident shared with us the story of when she first self-harmed at pre-school age. She used it as an emotional crutch to counter balance the abuse she was subject to at home.

I’ve had numerous operations and nearly lost my life on several occasions. I’ve damaged the muscles in both my legs with severe nerve damage from self-harm. Initially, I thought it was just a way I found that would always give me a way of coping but now I’ve been through problems that would usually tip me over the edge and managed not to give into my urges. Following these classes I feel so much more in control of my life. Self-harm has controlled me for so long but now I know I CAN control how I react to my feelings.

HP, HMP Resident (female estate).

Our program has helped many people like this but has been ground to a halt through lack of funds and resources. The harsh reality of an over populated and underserved community allows mental illness and self-harm to thrive. With your help we can help teach more vulnerable adults healthier coping mechanisms and begin their journey of healing.

With your help in raising £3,000 we can provide for 13 resdients:-

  • yoga kits
  • mindfulness kits
  • workbooks
  • meditation diary
  • deliver a trauma-informed program by one of our expert practitioners for 8 weeks
  • provide support and after care within HMP and into the community
  • peace and hope