Most of you don't realise that whatever your 'thing' is, whatever you're suffering with, be it anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, ED, PD, trauma, Schizophrenia, dementia, or just a little bit of fear that makes your heart palpitate...its more common than you think.

Epidemiological studies show that almost 40% of us suffer with mental disorder in the EU that equates to 164.8 MILLION people. 

The stigmatism with mental health 'issues' should be old hat by now. A big old Victorian hat to be precise. Gone are the days of the 'mad houses' and 'lunatic asylums' because you know what, we are more compassionate than we were back in the Victorian era where people needed to reflect the empire. Strong. Ruthless. Illness or different was viewed as weak and people were literally locked away, shackled, abused. Hardly a conducive environment for healing.

Why should you be bothered about Feb 1st #timetotalk? Well, whether directly or indirectly, we are all effected by mental health issues. If you still believe you aren't impacted by mental health, consider the burden on society (and the tax payer) or your future self by not addressing our mental health issues...

In 2006 the worldwide prevalence of Alzheimer's was 26.6 million. By 2050 1 in 85 ppl worldwide will be living with it. Estimated global costs of mental illness is almost $2.5T with a projected increase to $6T by 2030.

What does those figures actually look like, though? Well, the entire global health spending in 2009 was only $5.1T in comparison. 

So, whether directly or indirectly effected, we should all consider mental health and how we can do more to help.

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