A Star!

To be a star you must walk your own path, shine your own light and follow your own heart.

In the darkest of nights we see the brightest of stars. From a trauma perspective we face an increasing volatility carved out of ignoring the magnitude of mental health issues and choosing to look the other way. The consequences are greater now than they’ve ever been.Whether it's a mass shooting or our youngsters being fuelled with unnecessary anti-psychotic drugs that leave them sedated, over-weight, unable to go to school or work. We see the consequences of this ignorance effect all of us, the extra strain on our community, nation, the world!

The moment has arrived where we are being asked to step away from the old fear-based world, and enter a new age of openness and oneness, the Age of Aquarius. One age ends, so a new dream, long-suppressed, is finding expression.

One of the keys is to accept and recognise all life as sacred. Irrespective of where we stand, socially, financially, emotionally.

As we seek to recover our meaning and purpose, our true nature is the path, the path is our true self – it is up to us to walk it and be the best version of ourselves to manifest our highest human expression. To be the True You!

That means you can't rely on anything external for the answers. No form, god, goddess, guru or another coach on social media can do it for you, including me! Tony Robbins has it spot on with his documentary, 'I am Not Your Guru.' Only you can be tasked with becoming your own guru.

Our wounds can be healed only by ourselves but sometimes we need a helpful hand and a guide through the dark night. Sometimes it's as simple as conversation and connection...a type of social prescribing instead of pharmaceutical prescribing.

We recently started a new cycle of our Panacea Project practitioner training today, teaching yogis the skills to help those in their work, family or social circle who need guiding to recover themselves. Be the person who holds their hand and initiates them into independence!

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