In September 2016, I traveled to India to complete Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. During the training, I met a lot of wonderful people, but one connection I made in particular stuck with me. This connection was Kelly, the founder of the Panacea Project® Foundation. We bonded over similar life experiences and shared the same vision - to help encourage and inspire others out of their own darkness. Upon her return to the UK, Kelly created the Panacea Project, a teaching methodology designed to be used in prisons, schools, detention centres, community centres and beyond. I was privileged enough to take part in the first Panacea Project Practitioner course in April 2017. I strongly believe that yoga should be available to everyone, regardless of socio-economic background. Through taking this course, I am now qualified to better serve those most in need, taking a trauma-informed approach.

Since qualifying as a Practitioner, I have taught the Panacea Project’s 8-week programme in a female prison and also had the opportunity to teach a  2-day Sports Leadership course (with the focus on yoga), within the same environment.

Teaching within the female prison and seeing the resident’s progress is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. During the programme, I heard from residents with behavioural challenges like anxiety and/or depression, that they were using the techniques they had been learning outside of class too, which has been particularly beneficial for them. Prison staff said that they were amazed at the level of participation from the residents and that they were able to sit still without disrupting the class for most of the session. I do believe this is a testament to the power of the Panacea Project and the teachings we share within it.

Through becoming a Panacea Project Practitioner, I have developed the skills necessary to teach and make a difference in high-risk environments, which is where my passion lies. I have had the opportunity to help trauma survivors and become a better, less judgmental version of myself.  Trauma can happen to anyone, and we all deserve recovery from it.

If you would like to change the lives of those in high-risk areas, enhance your yoga teaching practice and make an impact on your local community (& beyond), join the Panacea Project movement.