I first met Kelly (Founder of the Panacea Project) many years back in a totally different environment. We lost contact until a good few years later in a yoga class. I had been teaching yoga for a few years and was finding my feet in the teaching world. 

We had talked about plans of teaching together so when Kelly offered the opportunity to become a Panacea Practitioner I knew this was my path. Previously I had been through a life threatening illness which changed my life. 

I hadn't really realised the impact all the trauma had on my body, mind and spirit. My way of survival was to ‘just get on with things’ but I made the decision to face the hard part of digging deep and opening up, dealing with all the feelings and emotions. This was a really hard decision as opening up was so foreign to me. The Panacea Project's step system helped so much in the ‘digging deep’ part, I think we all could benefit from working through these steps. 

So now after counselling, yoga, meditation, exercise and pure love from my son....I LOVE AND FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH ME. 

My path in life is to help others and this I do through delivering the teachings of the Panacea Project. The impact it has had in the male estate of HMP is incredible. The fact that service users can think in a different way about themselves and believe that they can live their life in a more positive way has great changes in their behaviour. 

I would highly recommend this course as you will discover more about your true self, be positively changing lives and giving people hope to others that they really are enough.