Our Vision

Trauma occurs when people experience unavoidable shock, it overwhelms the body's ability to respond leaving a person feeling helpless and hopeless. We provide inclusive, informed solutions, sometimes in the hardest to reach environments because we believe everyone has the right to adequate care and support. Everyone is worthy of healing. Continue reading... Read more

Our founder, Kelly

Kelly is an advocate for mental health and passionate in taking services to hard to reach areas, populations who are underserved and/or traumatised to include the incarcerated, young people’s homes and pupil referral units. Find out what continues to drive Kelly's work today... Read more

Our impact

“I listen to music in my cell, mindfully. I feel a lot calmer and happier since doing this yoga course. It allows me to deal with emotional issues in a positive way instead of resulting to self-harm. I’ve not self-harmed since doing this course. It’s helped me accept that I am worth more than putting a blade in myself and that alone has changed my whole life and the way I handle difficult situations.” HMP resident Read more