Kelly (Global)

A dedicated educator & student of physical and mental health, Kelly has been a yoga and mindfulness teacher for over 14 years. Read more

Jenny (Leeds, UK)

Jenny is almost qualified and coming soon! Read more

Jenny (Merseyside, UK)

Coming soon! Read more

Shelagh (North Yorkshire, UK)

I believe strongly in the principle you should give what you can and take what you need and so I always try to use my compassion and energy to make a small contribution towards improving equality and so promoting a fairer world... Read more

Cat (Leeds, UK)

Cat's yoga journey Read more

Sam (Leeds, UK)

Devout in serving those who would not otherwise have access to these transformational teachings Read more

Lisa (Bedfordshire, UK)

My philosophy as a teacher is to breathe belief into my students. To allow them to feel they are worthy and capable of greatness. I want to help everyone find a sense of self-belief, self-esteem, self-worth and self-love. Read more

Kelly (Altanta, US)

Kelly is almost here! Read more

Julien (LA, US)

Immensely inspired by the mission of The Panacea Project, Julien is excited to support the project as it expands into The United States. The ability to share her healing process and guide others to develop their own brought her to support and grow with The Project. Read more

Becs (Worcester, UK)

I've been practising yoga consistently for about ten years and teaching for three. I believe passionately in the transformative power of yoga - physically, spiritually and psychologically. Read more

Lily (North West, UK)

The Panacea Project has helped to transform my life and the changes in my life since starting the course are just phenomenal. Read more

Jerry (North East, UK)

I’m Jerry. Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Reformed party girl. Recovering addict. Counsellor in training. Read more

Becky (West Yorkshire, UK)

I fell in love with yoga whilst living in Australia and has since travelled the world it. Read more

Pamela (West Yorkshire, UK)

I started my career in yoga after having my son, I suffered with a very problematic back so yoga was my savior. Read more