I have been a Physical Education Officer in HMP for over 14 years and took up a position of Health and Wellbeing lead for the Establishment in 2016.

The Panacea Project was first trialled at our establishment with a group of extremely vulnerable women with self-harm, mental health, and traumatic experiences. The sessions had a really positive impact on their wellbeing and health, with many of the Women taking part in physical activity for the very first time.

Commitment from the groups to the project was excellent, and self-confidence built quickly among the women taking part in the sessions. All participants were given strategies to deal with their self-harm and traumatic experiences through meditation, mindfulness and yoga, completing set work each week to achieve their goals.

The Panacea Project has allowed women who wouldn’t normally engage in activity to grow in self-confidence and control negative thoughts that would normally result in self-harm or negative behaviours.