Hi, I'm Rebecca, I've been practising yoga consistently for about ten years and teaching for three.

I believe passionately in the transformative power of yoga - physically, spiritually and psychologically.  Initially, yoga strengthens the body, then the spirit.  Yoga gives you strength, security, flexibility. It gives you an inner knowing that you are enough, and the power is within you.  This is when the magic happens! 

The Panacea Project means so much to me.  It is incredible that the backgrounds of the yogis have been recognised, and that yoga has been accepted as a form of 'alternative' healing within these institutional settings.  

I am passionate about empowering and validating women in a world that tries hard to achieve the opposite and I know with the strongest belief that this course will do exactly that to its participants. Healing and empowering women to go on and have happier, more positive lives for themselves, their children and society in general.

As an abuse survivor who knows the positive impact yoga has. I was compelled to become a PP practitioner. A yoga course specifically designed to heal trauma survivors - what an incredible idea! There was no question I'd be involved! 

If I could describe myself in one word it would be 'brave'. But this wasn't always the case! Yoga has had a big role in my journey from fear to courage and I know first-hand the life-changing effect it has.

My friends would describe me as strong, resilient and fun! My favourite quote is "A warrior doesn't concern himself with what others think. A warrior just is".  Outside of yoga I like to take photographs and go on adventures with my little people.

I am RYT200 hour Yoga Alliance qualified. I teach predominately vinyasa, yin and kundalini in the Worcestershire area.