" I am at the early stages of what will be a lengthy sentence. Right now, even though my body is telling me to slow down due to aches and pains, my new environment and my mind are telling me to be on my toes and guard up at all times. I guess that's to be expected. This is the reason I so strongly want to learn meditation and yoga.

The little I have learnt, especially the breathing has got me through up to today. It has given me belief and strength that I can get through this situation and in fact come out with something-that being a sound mind. This is a huge change, for believe me, I have not been sound of mind for some time, hence my situation.

I listen to the PPT Clearing the Head CD and read Freeing the Spirit on a regular basis, and now am reading We're All Doing Time I know my sentence will be long and will take all my strength and experiences in life to get through.

I have lots of love and support from my family and close friends. I don't want to just go through the system feeling hurt and anguish. The last two months have been so hard and I know it's my breathing and meditation which is pulling me through.

Sharing a cell does not allow me the space and time I would like. However, as I've said, I have a long way to go and eventually will be in my own cell and able to do more.

My daughter is doing so well in trying to cope with the situation. She came to visit me and we had a good chat. She has since made enquiries to go to yoga classes. I know its a bit harder for my partner to get her head around. So im not pushing her. All I can hope is that my newfound calmness will help not just me but her as well.

I feel their sentence

It's still early stages and them not knowing for sure how long I'm going to be away doesn't help. I feel their sentence, because they are really serving one. It's a lot worse for them.

What little time I get to meditate, I love. I find it so helpful. I believe I would definitely have lost the plot, cracked up, if not for your help and advice regarding the breath while I have been here. I find it such a strong and valuable part of my everyday existence. I know no matter what, it will get me through - or should I say, give me the strength to get me through. In fact it has had such a strong effect on me, I have spoken openly about it to other people when they have asked me how I am coping. But I don't push too hard when it comes to yoga. I learnt a long time ago that people will only wear something that fits and feels comfortable for them.

I do find myself watching my breath while sat watching TV or whenever I am sat somewhere. It always helps relax and turns me away from negativity. I have suffered anxiety for some years and would say I know how to handle it. When I start to feel stressed I go to do my breath. I am determined to carry on and meditate no matter what and in time will master it."

With huge thanks to the HMP resident who shared his story with us.