Unique in our service, we offer tailored support for people with mental health issues and those who are trauma-survivors. A three-step pathway to support, sustain and self-regulate all of our participants to a brighter, more independent future with the necessary tools and support network.

Our yoga and mindfulness programs are adapted to the needs of the organisation or individual whilst staying true to our key principles and philosophy throughout, informed by evidence based research, informed by ancient yogic science, informed by real life experiences.


1 Prevention Stage

2 Intervention Stage

3 Integration Stage


Our children and vulnerable adults

HMPPS, mental health institutes and other long-stay institutions

Community centres, probation, out-patient facilities


Education & care system, Restorative Care, Youth & Community Centres

Within both government and privately run prisons and mental health institutes

With focus on underserved, lower socio-economic groups with little resources, worldwide


Tailored and appropriately informed yoga therapy and mindfulness programs, more specifically MBRP to NICE standards.

Mindful trauma-informed yoga therapy and meditation programs, mindfulness based relapse prevention (MBRP) to NICE standards.

Mindful, informed approach to yoga and meditation programs, Mindfulness based relapse prevention (MBRP) to NICE standards.


To support mental health and instigate positive behavioural change and recovery as well as preventing the  criminalisation of our children and vulnerable adults to include the ramifications of that cost on the tax payer.

To support and give adequate care to those in hard to reach, often high risk environments which, are over populated and under-served.

To provide ongoing care from previous steps, integrate back into community, building life skills, prevent isolation, reduce chances of relapse and reoffending. To give the individual an opportunity to be more independent adding value to themselves and society.


Need is recognised by the care giver or requested by the individual or establishment

Required by government and private institutions as a support for their current care and recovery programs.

Upon release from the criminal or care institutions, part of a probation program, when added support is needed for a specific demographic within our communities


Offering our services to all within this demographic,  supporting our partners via social prescribing for GPs, rehabilitation centres and other charities within our youth sector.

Offering our accredited and proven systems to all forward thinking institutions.

Offering our services to all within this demographic, supporting our partners via social prescribing for GPs, rehabilitation centres and other charities within our community.