As a Panacea Project Practitioner, you will go on your own personal journey of rediscovering your true self and natural intelligence of the human body. As a bonus, you will end up with additional personal and professional skills with increased value and demand as a yoga teacher.

As a yoga teacher, it is not enough to just have your 200RYT or even 500E-RYT qualification. Today, everyone is a yoga teacher, right? But this is about much more than carving your niche or standing out in an ocean of others.

When working within high risk institutions you have a duty of care to be properly informed. Trauma-informed training, for example should be a strict requirement for all teachers working within the criminal justice system or with anyone who has gone through severe adverse experiences in life.

Inappropriate treatment from uninformed teachers can often re-trigger survivors with have harmful results. With all the good will in the world it isn't your average yoga teacher's intention to cause harm, they just haven't had the correct, needful training. 

Being a Panacea Project Practitioner, you will go beyond traditional talk therapies that focus only on the mind and your average yoga training. Instead, you will be skilled in a trauma-sensitive program enabling survivors to engage and cultivate positive changes through mindfulness, yoga, meditation, breathing and sound.

You will be more than proficiently trained and properly informed as one of our practitioners with the additional benefits below:

  • Membership of a respected community around the globe
  • Access to our comprehensive and informed teachings accredited by the Yoga Alliance complete with CPD hrs
  • Opportunity to take up posts that help in running the organization
  • Opportunity to work within some of the most rewarding environments our planet has to offer
  • Certainty to have a positive impact on a person’s life
  • Excellent discounted costs on all future out-reach programs and trainings with us
  • Opportunity to attend first aid training and other events for free subject to availability
  • Ability to arrange Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check and Security Clearances
  • Opportunity to participate in seminars, workshops, speaking events and retreats
  • Access to ongoing practitioner classes and training courses with qualified teachers
  • Opportunity to re-sit and revise on previous trainings for free, as often as you like

We are always welcoming teachers with who are genuinely passionate about serving others. If that sounds like you please fill out the enquiry form here. We endeavour to get back to everyone within 5 working days.

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