Julien Elizabeth is an international Yoga and Wellness teacher based in Los Angeles, California. She offers grounding yoga, yoga nidra and breath work experiences that are trauma-informed and thoughtfully guided based on your needs. 

Julien developed a regular Yoga practice at a time when her life was over-managed and under-nourished. Through the practice of yoga she developed tools to move her consciousness from worry, overthink and toxic analysis to patience, peace and self-forgiveness — and in the process has healed herself from childhood trauma, addiction and disordered eating.

Immensely inspired by the mission of The Panacea Project, Julien is excited to support the project as it expands into The United States. The ability to share her healing process and guide others to develop their own brought her to support and grow with The Project.  

With 500+ hours of training within her, Julien is and will always be a student first - especially as she assumes the seat of the teacher. She draws from her experience, studies and training in yoga, Yoga Nidra, holistic nutrition and wellness, anatomy, and trauma-informed somatic experiencing - as well as her personal experiences and deep well of compassion. 

She teaches public and private classes in Los Angeles as well as workshops and retreats around the world. In 2018 Julien will be expanding her offerings to community centers, foster care facilities and donation-based spaces with The Panacea Project. 

Outside of Yoga, Julien can be found behind a book, on a hiking trail or in the kitchen crafting delicious creations from whole, living foods. You can find her online at www.julienelizabeth.com and on Instagram @julienelizabeth.