The Panacea Project has helped to transform my life and the changes in my life since starting the course are just phenomenal. The training itself I did find quite searching, having cleared out quite a lot of baggage from the past I didn’t realise how much more was still there or how rewarding it would be to work through.

The Panacea Project is so much more than an 8 week course it’s a way of life and the tools that I have learnt are invaluable and I have really enjoyed passing them on to others. I initially taught the Panacea Project in the community and to members of local NA, GA and AA recovery groups and the feedback from those who attending was fantastic. The most important thing for me that I have taken from this is that it is far more useful to teach someone the tools to deal with life and its challenges as they arise than fix their problems for them.

The outside world reflects our internal state, and when we shift our perceptions the world shifts accordingly. Live each day at a time and keep a kind heart.

My background includes studying at UCLAN in Exercise, Nutrition & Health whilst working part time in a local gym and as a lifeguard. Later completed Reiki level 1 and level 2 training. I became a Panacea Project Practitioner and soon after trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Pregnancy Yoga.

More recently, I have recently opened PH7 Wellbeing Centre in Burnley, UK where we are bringing together Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP, Yoga, Mindfulness and Holistics to help improve people’s mental, physical and spiritual state.