I have 15 years experience of managing, leading and working within the sport and physical activity landscape across the UK. With particular focus on prevention, intervention and community integration pathways for hard to reach and specifically targeted individuals, groups and communities. Co-producing models of delivery to enable sustainable pathways by collaborating with different sectors from education, public health, social care, criminal justice services and community organisations at local, regional and national level. Underpinning all of these models are principles of engaging, educating and empowering people to take control of thier lives and make better choices to be the best they can be.

Panacea Project stands for everything I believe in. It is about finding the best in people regardless of their circumstances and helping people finding the best in themselves. It is about understanding people and the journey they have been on to support them in a way which works for them. It is about people understanding if they can take control of their mind, they can take control of their lives. By combining physical activity and mindfulness you give people the tools to support them through every part of their lives by making positive changes.

As Picasso once said 'others have seen what is and asked why... I have seen what could be and asked why not..' Panacea Project dares to work with people where others do not and most forget about. In a time when the world seems more chaotic than ever and a time when people are now seeing the significance of mental wellbeing Panacea Project is offering something unique. 

I have been at the beginning of Panacea Project's journey, seeing each part of the puzzle come together and I have seen the positive impact and behavioural changes on the people. The practice is evidence based and now there is the evidence to support the impact of the work being carried out.