Why CSR is rapidly increasing and how you can get involved in our program

What is CSR?

CSR: a corporate conscience, corporate social responsibility, being a responsible business, philanthropy in the work place.

What do you give back as an organisation to Non Government Organisations or socio-environmental organisations generating good in the community?

We see organisations and groups pulling together more than ever today; we are all more attentive to the social and environmental impact of our corporations and its causing a huge shift. No longer can you hide behind a faceless company name. If you do, then what could you be doing more of to bring some life and soul to your brand? The tone of a company’s social media has helped carve out its personality to better align with the customer’s expectations. For the old-school part of us, social media can seem surplus to requirement or a distraction to real business. Sadly, that shows we aren’t being as innovative and as responsive to change as we could be, the way we work and do business is changing quicker than ever due to technological advances.

It’s common for most responsible businesses these days to partner with specific NGOs that are aligned with their core beliefs and values. NGOs that can help assist their problems in house or in the industry at large.

CSR programs are becoming a profound part of business in today’s world. Businesses large and small make it a priority. Here is why you should join our CSR program…

1. Is your company’s reputation at stake?

This is paramount, a good reputation gives you a competitive edge and good cause is a reliable way to achieve and maintain that. Working with us allows you to showcase your values and identity as a brand. Every company needs their image to be impeccable, anything contrary to such is easily shared and shamed online. Investing in a philanthropy program with us is a way of achieving this goal whilst genuinely doing good. We believe in win-win situations. Also, it will be easier to evolve and grow as a firm when embracing the current CSR trend. Since showing commitment is highly valued in our society, it will surely be valued by the government, the community and other stakeholders.

2. Consumers expect best practices

Customers are more likely to buy from a company who has a transparent and impactful way of giving back. They would rather pay a premium for a corporate service with conscience than go without. Inherently humans are good and want to do good, if they can make a difference, they will.

More than 88% of consumers think companies should try to achieve their business goals while improving society and the environment. And they will pay more to be able to help through your firm: a study was published showing that the average consumer will drive an extra 11 minutes to buy a product that supported a cause. Moreover, 75% of customers are willing to penalise companies that are not acting responsibly.

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With this moral background, your firm’s image to the public will (rightly so) be strong and positive, creating a more trusted and personal relationship with clients.

3. Investor appeal

Transparency is key! We are now in a period called the Age of Aquarius and people will bear all for equality and justice, we see it in the success of #timetotalk and #metoo campaigns. Investors will see your strong CSR program as an act of honesty and addressing issues most won’t dare, especially where employee wellbeing and mental health are concerned. It will directly lead to a better image of your firm’s financial ethics. Corporate philanthropy is clearly a vehicle for business opportunities.  The emissions scandal of Volkswagen, BP's operations in Alaska and Unilever’s environmental and sexual harassment controversies are recent epic failures in CSR where investment firms quickly retreat. With bad press like these corporate giants, it is safe to say creating beneficial CSR partners is an easier way of attracting investors than avoiding responsibility all together. Today's speed of innovation in technology means we are constantly evolving and thus society and the way we do business is too. Investors are hot on this topic.

4. Boosts employee wellness and productivity

What better way to engage employees than to create a sense of collective purpose for the greater good? When people collaborate together, especially for a good cause, they create lasting relationships with their co-workers and will be happier going to work each morning. Also, contributing to something your team is passionate about may be a great way for them to learn new skills and boost their confidence. It is very rewarding for people who want to give back in the context of their work. They can also connect around teamwork. Our company, Panacea Project, gives your employees the opportunity to do some volunteer work. We can provide yoga and mindfulness sessions for your organisation to not just combat common mental health disorders like stress, anxiety or depression but, it will also increase their productivity and value in the work place. This will foster personal growth and commitment amongst employees; a valuable asset to your company.

In a recent study led by Forbes that compared engaged and unengaged employees, only 3% of unengaged employees would advocate for their organisation against 67% for engaged employees.

Happy staff do the graft! If they love working with you, your employees will be the best marketing tool you have, attract other conscientious employees, and last but not least: take a LOT less sick days during the year! Millennials especially want to feel like they are working with you and not for you so this is a great inclusion tool for them and other employees to be fulfilled, happy and proud of their role and what they stand for.

As an innovator and early adopter of CSR you will be at the forefront of your industry and stand out in an ocean of similar businesses. The marriage value of working together will create a bigger impact for both organisations fostering positive changes for all.

Whatever your business is, we have the right CSR package for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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