I believe strongly in the principle you should give what you can and take what you need and so I always try to use my compassion and energy to make a small contribution towards improving equality and so promoting a fairer world and also to trying my best to live simply in order to contribute to environmental conservation. 

I try to create a space in my yoga classes that is open to all and is always a safe environment for everybody to move and feel exactly the way that is right for them, without expectation or judgement. My classes are playful and usually have a natural theme as I believe that respect for and engagement with nature is one the most powerful sources we have for healing at all levels.

For me, the Panacea Project is an opportunity to join forces with a group of like minded souls who believe that every person deserves a chance at a good life, free from physical and/or emotional pain and suffering. It is a portal by which I can share my skills and empathy to help improve lives and assist with giving students a sense of adequacy, inner calm and self worth. 

My expertise includes:

  • ITEC Diploma Holistic Massage
  • Integrated Masters Chiropractic
  • BWY 500hr Teacher Training Diploma
  • 6yrs experience practicing Chiropractor/Massage Therapist
  • Panacea Project Practitioner

My work as a physical therapist means that I come into contact with lots of different people everyday, many of which are suffering physical pain that is sometimes so chronic, it has started to affect their emotional health. As I became a more experienced practitioner, I started to notice that oftentimes there can be a psychological element to physical pain and so I became curious as to whether this can  prevent complete recovery, without muliti-disciplinary intervention.

That curiosity led me to start to research trauma, particularly PTSD and the thought that if these are unresolved, they can potentially cause physical manifestations.  As a yoga practitioner, I was already aware that a regular practice can help to develop emotional resilience and manage depression and anxiety (that often accompany unresolved trauma and PTSD) and so I decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher in order to provide a more holistic model of care to my physical therapy patients, better aiding their full recovery and ongoing physical/emotional health. Teaching yoga in prisons and other secure institutions felt like a natural expansion of this trauma sensitive work that allowed me to stand by my believe in collectivism and a need for more holistic community engagement in healthcare.

A regular, disciplined self practice helps to keep me calm and focussed and so allows me to be less reactive and more thoughtful and reflective in interactions with others or when making decisions that affect myself and others. It maintains my energy levels and helps to clear my mind, therefore aiding relaxation and sleep and so helping me to function more effectively and have time and space to dedicate to the people and things that I love and care for. 

You can find out more about Shelagh at www.gentle-chiropractic.co.uk