Here is what some of our program participants think about our project:

“Injecting crack and heroin affected me physically to the point I gave myself blood clots in my legs. Ended up with DVT and septicaemia. Contracted Hep C and endured 48 weeks of harsh chemo type treatment. Drugs made me lose myself, I was lost. I lost my freedom. I lost my family. These sessions help me gain some self-love.”

- KS, HMP resident

“I’ve been able to let go of the anger of being a victim of sexual abuse and my mum not believing me. Not being able to protect my sister and brothers from the same abuse that used to make me feel scared, confused, angry, resentful.”

- HP, HMP resident

“I’ve had numerous operations and nearly lost my life on several occasions. I’ve damaged the muscles in both my legs with severe nerve damage from self-harm. Initially, I thought it was just a way I found that would always give me a way of coping but now I’ve been through problems that would usually tip me over the edge and managed not to give into my urges. Following these classes I feel so much more in control of my life. Self-harm has controlled me for so long but now I know I CAN control how I react to my feelings.”

- HP HMP resident

“This program helped me sleep well for the first time in a long time.”

- MW, HMP resident

“This is helping me find peace.”

- SH, HMP resident

“I used the ‘sa ta na ma’ meditation when I was really struggling this weak and it stopped me from self-harming.”

- HP, HMP resident

“The class has been calming and restoring after bad news today.”

- KA, HMP resident

“Its given me skills to do it alone in my room. It helps me be less agitated and helps my mental health.”

- NC, HMP resident